Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I didn't quite manage 46 points in the winter league on Friday ; I had to settle for 45. Ship the Trekmate Wind Stopper RX7 synthetic leather palm gloves. Needless to say the word "bandit" was mentioned more than once. If only there was a word for lazy fat bastards who are scared to leave their comfort zone in case they fail and instead try to denigrate people who diligently apply themselves to become better at something in a year than they have managed in 20. "Golfers" might fit it. Or "poker players" come to think of it. Let's just say "people".

Last time I shot 91 I followed it up with 103, so I was pleased to card a 92 playing on my own yesterday. I can see what writers mean when they talk about how you can apparently "plateau" for a while before a sudden improvement ; I think that's happening here. Everything I've been working on and absorbing, including the mental side, is coming to fruition. Or it's the constant short game practice, it could just be that. It's quite exciting because I can see there's still a lot of potential to improve. When I was shooting 105 it would generally be with something like 15-20 shots wasted through tee shots out of bounds, fluffing fairway irons and 3-putting. So if I was now shooting 92 with like 5 shots wasted, it would look like there's a "ceiling" to my play. But in fact yesterday I chucked 11 shots through various profilgacies [1]. I hit 5 greens in regulation and got up and down 6 times, so I'm finding ways to pick shots up as well as cutting down on mistakes. If we suffer from any prolonged rainfall though the course will be underwater so I'm trying to fit in as many rounds as possible before that happens.

[1] Technically I could argue 13, but I rescued two of them by getting up and down after a fluffed chip & bunker shot.