Friday, 4 September 2009

A Corrective Against Sinful Pride

I know what my problem is - I just don't have enough blogs. Well, I do, but I'm kind of bored with football so this one is probably going to die a slow death. What I need instead is a golf blog. And this is it. Unfortunately I was unable to find any golf quotes from Kevin Keegan for a title so I decided on this one, from a PG Wodehouse quote :

"Golf acts as a corrective against sinful pride. I attribute the insane arrogance of the later Roman Emperors almost entirely to the fact that, never having played golf, they never knew that strange chastening humility which is engendered by a topped chip shot. If Cleopatra had been ousted in the first round of the Ladies' Singles, we should have heard a lot less of her proud imperiousness."

Damn straight. Straighter than my drives, that's for sure. So, without further ado, let's "tee off" ! My what fun this is going to be.

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