Monday, 30 November 2009

Winter Rules

Something's really clicked in the last few days and I've been playing tons better. In fact it's not an indefinable "something", it's keeping my left arm straight. This means I get better compression, particularly on the long irons, and the swing is just that much more repeatable so I'm not tearing up huge divots/topping the ball so much. I've also been practising my wedges, often just in the park, stick my bag down here and my coat down 20 yards away there and chip from one trying to land it on the other. This is so much better for improving your scores than whaling 100 balls into space at the driving range it's scary. I didn't really notice a difference for a couple of rounds but today especially I was pitching and chipping much more freely.

Unfortunately, Enfield GC is in kind of a natural bowl and it soaks up the rain very quickly. So half the course was unplayable today, but I did manage to play 3 balls round 2-8, 21 holes in total, in 21 over par. Of course it's a little easier to play 6 holes with 3 balls than 18 straight, and they aren't the toughest holes on the course, but it was still a big improvement. With the course being wet, obviously you lose distance off the tee, but a good pitch shot just stops dead and putting is a lot easier. Hopefully the course will be OK for the "winter league" on Friday, if I can replicate today's scoring I'll be a super 46-point bandit off my current handicap :).

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